Mikel Ruffinelli is only 39 and 5ft 4 tall but her 8ft round butt is the largest backside in the world. Now she says she men find her “attractive” and would prefer her to skinny ladies.

The married mother of four says, “I have an extreme physique. I love my curves, I love my hips, I love my attributes”.

When asked if men complain about her butt, Mrs. Ruffinelli said, “If someone wants to make a comment about my hips or my size, I don’t care what your opinion is.”

However, she says men of nowadays do not admire skinny girls now more.

“Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure,” she explained, “I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems.”


She aslo admitted her oversize hips do come with its own challenges. “There are challenges – I can’t get on a roller coaster. You learn to get around your hips, you learn to embrace your hips, you learn to shop for your hips.”

Now, she is to appear on a new documentary called, ‘World’s Biggest Hips’, alongside three other women who boast supersized rear ends.

Watch trailer to the doc (Video by Barcroft TV)