An unemployed Mexican builder, Eliot Garrido Guido, annoyed that his banker wife earns more money than he does, decided to come up with a fast way of making money from her, so he faked his own kidnap and demanded a ransom of $450 from her, Daily Mail reports.

Guido who lost his job three months ago, enlisted his friend, Carlos Amilcar Martinez Reyes, in the plan and send a blood curling message to his wife that he would be killed if she does not come up with the ransom money.

His worried wife contacted police who were able to track the message and the bungling pair were found just 300 metres away from Guido’s Mexico City home.

The 36-year-old Guido had 42-year-old Reyes take photographs of him tied up and gagged, with ‘blood’ gushing out of his ‘bruised’ head.

One of the photographs showed Guido with blood on his white t-shirt and with a gag over his mouth, while the second showed him in the same position but with a hood over his head.


The images were uploaded to Guido’s Facebook account, with the claim that the unemployed builder had been moved 900 miles away.

According to the wife:

“When I saw the message and the photos, I couldn’t believe what was happening.

The kidnappers had demanded 7,000 Pesos ($450), and said my husband was being tortured.

They said they would kill him if I didn’t pay up.

I was seriously worried but when I contacted them they said I should leave the money at an address in Mexico City.”

The police arrested Guido and his friend Reyes, after they were able to trace the Facebook ransom message to a derelict house just 300 metres away from Guido’s home

A police spokesman said:

“We found them in a house about 300 metres away. ‘They both confessed and were arrested on the spot. The men now face five years in jail.”