Sex is beautiful.

Yes, but sex, like everything man does can become boring and mundane.

At some point, it becomes no more than exercise, instead of having sex because it offers intense pleasure. At that point, you just do it as an obligation to your lover, or you even give an excuse.


It is simply because there is no novelty.

One thing is guaranteed to set your sex life on fire and keep your partner happy — trying new sex styles.

If you are stuck with the missionary sex position, like many people, then you need something new, something different, something guaranteed to give you both earth shaking orgasms.

  1. Standing Ovation

  2. Vertical Doggie

  3. Table Lotus

  4. Dancers

  5. Acrobat

  6. Leap Frog

  7. Hip Raiser

  8. Fusion

  9. Doggie Style

  10. Deep Stick

  11. Bend Over

  12. Dip Stick

  13. Slow Dance

  14. Launch Pad