Our general understanding of orgasm is that it mostly comes during the course of having s3x.

Well, new findings have revealed that you can still get the ‘big O’ without engaging in s3xual intercourse.

Sounds strange? Well, YourTango s3x experts have compiled six instances where you can actually have orgasms without having intercourse.

  1. Coregasm: More women (and even a few men) are having ‘spontaneous’ orgasms at the gym, says Astroglide’s Resident Sexologist Dr. Jess. It’s possible that these surprising waves of pleasure are connected with contraction and release of pelvic floor muscles, but we still have lots to learn. Experienced coregasm-ers say that cycling/spinning, abdominal exercises and climbing poles or ropes can bring them to climax and offer an extra incentive to hit the gym.

  2. Brain-gasms: “These are relatively rare, but I’ve met two women who learned to think themselves off,” says Dr. Jess. One combined fantasy with pelvic floor contractions and the other explained that she could use fantasy to reach orgasm with no physical stimulation whatsoever. Researchers are beginning to study this experience in the lab (using MRI technology), but it is unlikely that most women can themselves how to have a brain-gasm.

  3. Sleep-gasms: “These are among my favourite type of orgasm, as they require no emotional or physical effort whatsoever!” says Dr. Jess. You cannot control your ‘nocturnal emissions’, but you may find that you are more likely to enjoy s3x dreams that lead to orgasm when you fantasize before falling asleep.

  4. Sneezegasms: Orgasm is the reflexive release of muscle tension. A sneeze is a micro-expression and is very similar. It is best to focus on similarities between the sensations you experience after a sneeze and the way you feel after orgasm, says s3x expert, Patricia Johnson. However, it may take some practice.

  5. Kegelgasms: “People often think of working the pubococcygeal muscles as nothing more than an exercise for strengthening the pelvic floor, but doing Kegels in a rhythm that mirrors your typical orgasm can be an excellent way to trigger one,” says Johnson. When you are first learning to generate the response, it may be helpful to self-pleasure at the same time. With practice, you’re likely to start experiencing intense pleasure hands-free.

  6. Thoughtgasms: Some people have the capacity to induce orgasm by thinking themselves off, but even in those who do not have this ability, thinking about orgasm activates some of the same brain regions as actually having one, says s3x expert, Mark Michaels. This highlights what is possible if you can make a concerted effort to create or reinforce pleasurable associations and more specifically erotic or orgasmic ones.