S3x can often times be tilted towards the gratification of male partners only.

This is because the average male gets an orgasm (ejaculate) before the average woman.

Many women do not even reach orgasm before the man gets tired and ends the bed-rumpling.

Now, the reason why the women fail to reach orgasm, in most cases, is that the man has failed to hit them on the right spot.

These 6 positions will give deep penetration and better internal intimacy that will guarantee that both the man and the woman get explosive sexual release:

  1. Pillow-Missionary s3x position: The missionary s3x position is unarguably the most popular and traditional style practiced by most lovers. It has however been seen as offering little excitement. However, using the ‘pillow’ option, you can make it a g-spot hitting position. All you need do is place a thick fluffy pillow under the woman’s buttocks. This will lift her lower body up and place the vagina at an angle that allows for much deeper penetration.

  2. Spooning s3x position: This is stress-free position that is more like cuddling and having s3x at the same time. It’s simple. The man lies behind the woman as though they are sleeping, only that he will penetrate that way. It allows him to rub up against the woman’s inner, front wall.

  3. Regular Cowgirl s3x position: This is more physical for the woman. The man lies on his back while the woman sits on his penis facing him. She is on top, maximising her pleasure by gliding back and forth.  The penetration is deep as well

  4. Reverse Cowgirl s3x position: This position positions the G-spot” angle even better, though it’s more a case of the woman just turning the opposite of the direction described above. By leaning backwards and gliding, the pleasure gets more intense.

  5. Vertical Doggy-style s3x position: The doggy-style works better when the woman keep her upper body in a vertical position rather than the usual horizontal angle. The penis goes in in the upwards directing, firmly rubbing against the front wall of the vagina. It also allows for simultaneous finger pleasuring with the clitoris left wide open.

  6. Straddling s3x position: This is an incredible as easy as the spooning position. Here, both sit upright facing each other on the bed. The woman sits on him, rolling her hips back and forth.  It does wonders for your G-spot.

There you.

You don’t have any excuse not to give her orgasm(s) any more.