A 32-year-old Texas man, Gabriel Armandariz, has been arrested for strangling his two sons to death and sending their mom the disturbing pictures.

New York Daily News reports that Armandariz killed his two boys, 8-months and 2-years respectively, and hid their bodies in his house.

After he committed the heinous double murder, he took pictures of the strangling and sent them to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his boys, showing them hanging from a closet ceiling by a rope around around their necks.

And he also clicked a picture with the boys with a caption reading, ‘we love u, goodbye’.

Armandariz reportedly blamed the boys’ mother for partying too much.

In text message, he said:

“Look, I’m trying to offer you another opportunity to see our children. But as usual, you would much rather be with your friends.”

The woman informed cops, who found the bodies after about 10 hours.