Women are emotional by nature and they long to know how much they are cherished. I have put together the love languages women love to hear for guys who want to earn the respect and admiration of their woman.

1. I feel comfortable, relaxed and happy whenever I am with you.

2. You mean so much to me.

3. No one will ever take your place in my heart.

4. You inspire me to be a better me.

5. I am grateful to God for bringing you into my life.

6. Your words calm me down, whenever I am worried.

7. Let me give you a hug.

8. It is a privilege to know you.

9. You are special to me.

10. My life is empty without you.

11. I love the way you smile.

12. You are an intelligent lady.

The beauty of these words is that they invoke in your woman a sense of being loved. Always pay her a compliment and show her you love her. You will certainly get the best of your woman if you practice this art of appreciation.