wwwww……Ojy and Austin were such a power couple and the envy of their peers and all who came across them,their love story hung in the skies and lit up the face of anyone who heard how they blossomed into a couple….but things have fallen apart and for the past one year,they have allegedly parted ways and trying to sweep their separation news under the carpet.

How can a gold fish hide its shine? Not possible!

As you read this,the Popular New york based super Model who close friends with Oluchi Onweagba -Orlando and Genevieve Nnaji is rumoured to have gone separate ways with her millionaire hubby who is tagged an island big boy in Lagos

Both were married for a over decade and whilst together Austin spoilt Ojy with luxury penthouse apartments in Manhattan,luxury holidays and designer clothing. The alleged separation is blamed on irreconcilable differences and infidelity.

Ojy has since moved on with her life with her two kids in tow in New york whilst Austin is said to be engaged to a 22 year old drop dead beauty named Elizabeth who is allegedly a University drop out and the daughter to a University of Port Harcourt professor. Elizabeth is half Yoruba and half Russian.

Their separation which has dragged on for more than a year now has remained a hush hush within their circle on the island,Elizabeth on he other hand has been flaunting her relationship with Austin on social media, has since moved in with him and is rumoured to be expecting their first child….

In 2012 Maestromedia did a coded gist on this couple announcing that unless a miracle happened fast,the marriage between both was heading for the rocks.The writeup HERE  postulated reasons why the marriage was rock headed.

May God give both parties peace of mind with whichever decision they have taken.I just hate to see two beautiful people like Ojy and Austin part ways so easily.what happened to fighting for love?
I remember the first time i saw their pic together,they looked so good together ,so innocent…..this pic below is what i refer to.