The Police have warned voters to beware of certain electoral offenses on the election days.

The warning is contained a statement signed by Emmanuel Ojukwu, the Force Public Relations Officer, on Thursday.

Here is a summary of the statement as reported by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN):

  • Casting of votes twice or more
  • Announcing false election results
  • Stopping any other person from voting and revealing information on a ballot paper of another person
  • Being in possession of another person’s voter’s card
  • Disorderly behaviour at polling unit
  • Canvassing for votes at polling unit and shouting slogans of a political party at polling units
  • Being armed with guns, sticks, stones or any other dangerous weapons at polling units
  • Loitering or walking about in a polling unit
  • Using siren at a polling unit
  • Snatching or destroying ballot boxes or card readers
  • Holding public meeting during election hours on election day
  • Wearing or carrying badge or poster of a political party and inflicting or threatening to inflict injury on any person or persons at a polling unit as the others

The Nigeria Police Force advises the public to avoid trouble, as any offender will be arrested and prosecuted.