It all started with a Facebook post…

Bisi Alimi, 40, is an LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans) advocate. In an Instagram post shared yesterday, he recalls how his family cut off contact with him three years ago.

His sister posted a Facebook status implying she hates non-heterosexual intimate activities, even after she had known her brother was gay for 10 years.

Here’s her Facebook status:bisi alimiHere are Bisi’s thoughts on the matter:

“3 years ago I lost my family completely after this Facebook post from my elder sister. She posted this knowing well that I am gay and she did it to spite me. That day I replied her after which she blocked me on Facebook and that led to a big family fight which led to me blocking them from my life. Today I am happy for friends who are my family, the people I can speak to any time of the day, cry to without judging me and even bare my pains to. #LGBT #Nigeria #LostFamily #NewFamily #ThankYou #loveislove”

He then posted this in response, after which his sister blocked him. They have not been in contact since.

“Then I posted this as a reply and then she blocked me. I am still sad that I don’t have relationship with my family but I am not being held back by what I lost, instead I celebrate what I gained. #LGBT #LostFamily #Friends #loveislove #Nigeria”bisi alimi facebook

His Instagram fans commented their support:Bisi Alimi support