We will be discussing some inappropriate habits that some of you have that are quite off-putting. We are truly happy for you, but don’t want to feel invested in your relationships at all costs.

Also, be aware that there are still some single birds out there who are still searching and we are frowning upon your overbearing behavior. We should not feel like you’re imposing your relationship on us, but instead, we should be rejoicing with you.

1. PDA(Public Display of Annoyance Affection)

Ain’t nothing wrong with a kiss or touch here and there, but we have a problem when it’s apparent that you want to have sex in public. From regular kissing to French kissing to rub downs and awkward body movements…please STOP! At this point, you’re the one everyone else is talking about in the room and the conversation isn’t pleasant. There is a difference between lovey dovey and outright PDA exposure. Nobody wants to see that.

2. Openly putting hands in their significant other’s private parts

Is it just me, or is anyone else uncomfortable when they see a person’s hand in their partners butt? It’s so weird when I’m standing in a line and see a male/ female put his/her hand in their significant other’s pants. As in, inside their bottoms and are moving their hands. Some people have told me that they find it attractive or to be a turn-on. I am completely dumbfounded! How about sanitation nah?

3. Finding a way to incorporate their significant other in EVERY conversation

Sometimes, people in relationships unconsciously mention/ talk about their significant others on multiple occasions. We can pardon that. The problem occurs when he/she can’t stop finding ways to interject their partner’s name and relationship into every conversation. After a while, it becomes highly irritating and rude. People will try their best to drift away from you and you will end up losing some friends.

4. Going EVERYWHERE with their significant other

I know a lot more girls who struggle with this issue and it’s just sad. Must your partner really follow you everywhere you go? Guys don’t need to follow you to the nail shop, hair salon, girl meetings etc. Do you think he will run away from you or are you just insecure? Relationships work best when there is some distance, giving one another a chance to miss each other.

5. Endless Selfies

It should never get to the point where I don’t want to open any of my social media pages because I know you and your boo’s selfies will swarm up my page. It’s cute and all, but I will eventually unfollow you. Like seriously…that’s just doing too much. You can limit it to a few pics and snapshots, but don’t get carried away.