People like to pass around what they feel about certain things as the universal truth.

This is the reason why we have myths and fables and rumours.

In s3xual matter too, there are some myths that have become truths after generations of passing around, but are actually big lies.

Some are cultural and some are just made out of ignorance.

As with almost everything, we have myths about the vag!na too:

  1.  Sweet fruits like pineapples and berries make your vag!na taste sweet. This has been passed around and believed by many but science is yet to show any connection. Some people strongly believe that a healthy diet of fruits will have a direct effect on the taste of your vag!na. It’s a ‘NO’. It is a myth, a lie. However, since fruits are good for your body, you just might just keep eating them. It’s good.

  2. You must scrub your vag!na hard to keep it clean. Yes, you need to keep your vag!na clean always but getting paranoid about it won’t help you at all. In fact, using over-the-counter vag!nal washes will alter your body’s natural pH and change your vag!na’s normal, healthy environment. So, stick to the natural stuff – water and mild soap. If you notice a strange and persistent odour you should see a doctor because it might be a sign of bacterial infection.

  3.  Regular s3x will stretch your vag!na. Yes, the vag!na is elastic, but it does not stretch out like some myths will make you believe. In fact, noticeable vag!nal changes in an adult will only occur after delivering a baby. No pen!s is that large to keep it permanently expanded so much that you notice (unless it’s an elephant). That myth is to scare you from s3x. Se fini!