Nigerian music legend 2face Idibia has taken a swipe the the political leaders of the country in a new Twitter rant.

The award winning music superstar stated that none of the country’s past governors and presidents have achieved anything worth applauding. “Since 1999 till date the government of Nigeria both federal and state have done  nothing worth celebrating considering the amount  of money” he tweeted.

2face who is the head of the Vote Not Fight campaign also said that the Nigerian political class has to make sacrifices to make Nigeria a better country. “Sacrifices must be made by all Nigerians especially those in power for us 2 be able 2 stand tall and proud.”

He further tweeted that “We need 2 rearrange our way of doing things becos right now we are just penny wise and pound foolish.

2face was also of the opinion that good people people have been in positions to create change in Nigeria, but their surrounding circumstances stopped them. “Some people have tried 2 do good but corruption and saboteurs didn’t let them express their vision” read his tweet.