Lingerie can be a big boost to your confidence. The key to making your lingerie comfortable and just right for you that you’d almost go outside in it is to follow these steps below.
  • First, you need to know your size. It is important to get the correct measurements, which you could do at home with measuring tape.
  • Think about your style and what kind of fashion beauty you are. If you want to be the hot vixen that you are (or will become), sticking to stuff you know would look good on you, that is always the best option. So if you like leather and fishnets, go for it!
  • You need to know what looks good on your body type. For example, if you’re pear-shaped, you’d want to go for a corset or a bustier. A corset would accentuate your bust and helps balance out your bottom half.
  • Determine how much you are willing to spend on a lingerie. You can do some research to get an estimate of how much quality lingerie will run you. Know your limit regarding how high the cost can be.
  • It is important to buy the basics, stock up on regular everyday undergarments. Owning anything black, white, nude, etc. You can always buy accessories like a garter belt to spice it up later.