Here a little something for the ladies in the house who want to boost the fire of their relationships.
If your man is getting sloppy and lazy in bed, perhaps the fault is yours and you just need to wind things up by your own self – pour a little fuel into the sex fire.
Maybe all you actually need is just to up your own bedmatic skills and how better to do that than touch him in those spots that his body reacts to?
Erogenous zones abound on the human body and you’ll do well to give them a call.
So, if you want him wild in the bed, do these 5 things…
  1. Trigger the earlobe zones. Begin by coming close to your his face, whisper something in his ear and as you move away, pull his earlobe with your lip, softly. It will make him go weak in the knees.
  2. Neck him to pleasure. Place soft, gentle pecks on the side of his neck a little distance away from his jaw. Do this continuously as you moan and whisper sweet nothings.
  3. Give him the nipple tease. A man’s nipples can do him damage – stroking them right will get him gaga. Move on to his chest and caress his nipples with your fingers, making circular motions. You can also introduce your tongue to the nipples, sucking, nibbling and gently blowing some warm air on them.
  4. Tie up his thighs: His thighs are supersensitive! Gently graze the inner side of your man’s thighs with your hands (and lips) making circular, diagonal and zig-zag patterns.
  5. Fit up his feet. Many men are ticklish down here on their feet. Start with a gentle massage and then suck on his toes – if you are sure he is clean (a shower will do). You can also play footsie with him by sliding your feet against his and moving it all the way up his legs to his crotch.
All these may look ordinary and simple, but, trust me, it will turn him crazy and make your bedroom moment sweet and hot!
Give it a try this weekend.