It will take an awesome amount of oddness for a man to develop hate for breasts, or boobs as the ‘bad’guys love to call the twins on women’s chests.

There is a chemistry that begins from birth between men and boobs – unbreakable until death.
It is the reason why men – even Obama! – are caught peeping at endowed women in public…., going out of their way to get a glimpse of breasts.
Now, why this love for those bewitching jugs?
Read on:
  1. Men are naturally wired to love boobs… yes, we men were created to be bob lovers.
  2. Men love the way breasts look, no matter the size, shape, or colour. A large one is loved for its largeness and a small one is loved for its handiness while a pointed one is good for sucking and a round one is cool for massaging…
  3. Men love how they breasts feel, whether it is being held, squeezed, sucked, pinched or used as a pillow….
  4. Men love to see them juggle… you just cannot describe the beauty of boobs in action. When active s*x is happening, especially with certain positions like doggy, missionary, and cowgirl, the boobs bounce around beautifully
  5. Men like to use them as a pillow, especially for those huge ones on some curvy black African belles… no pillow can give the feel of real boobs in your face or under your head
  6. Men love to use them as hand-rails for s*x… some positions like missionary or reverse missionary (cowgirl) leave the hands idle, calling for some hand action….the boobs come in handy at those times.
  7. Men love them because they are suckable, clean and not wet like vaginas…yes, a man who likes to suck would prefer the boobs to vagina because it doesn’t have secretions that will require spitting…yes!
So ladies, please let the dudes have some boobly fun.