Are you getting less and less loving from your partner these days?
Perhaps you need to look inwards, because you just might the architect of your own woes.
Humans engage in s ex to get pleasure and give pleasure – a give and take symbiosis.
Where the sexual give-and-take balance is glaringly absent, things fall apart and your partner seems totally out of sync when you are in the mood for sex.
This disinterest in s ex may be caused by these 7 things:

  1. You are dirty. Sometimes your lover may not be able to look you in the eye and tell you that you are dirty or have an intolerable odour – mouth odour, armpit odour, and genital area with foul smells.
  2. You do not communicate. S ex is not cool without giving feedback – talk about the positions you enjoy, how and where you want to be touched.
  3. You make s ex look like a favour. S ex is meant to be enjoyed, emotional and intimate so not being mentally and emotionally involved in a sexual act makes look like rape or sex with a corpse.
  4. You skip foreplay. S ex without foreplay is boring and brief; after all, the average person gets off in about 1-2 minutes (though women take longer. Explore your bodies, create intimacy.
  5. You are too old-school. People want exciting s ex — interesting s ex positions, s ex toys, porn, oral sex, etc and if you are a prude in the bedroom, sticking to the missionary style then you’ll bore them away
  6. You are judgemental in bed. Complaining in the bedroom like babies, judging performance and comparing the sexual experience with prior escapades makes the person feel unloved, ordinary, and underperforming. No one wants to be the ‘below-par-lover’, so they run.
  7. You are selfish. S ex is ‘sharing’ of emotions give back when you take.

You should become born again and rethink your view of sex.
Maybe, just maybe, things will improve.