When Kole  invited Bunmi  out (as usual) on the noon of the first Sunday in November,2013, little did she know he had a plan.  She knew he was travelling out of the town the next day and the last time  Bunmi  checked, he had gone home to pack. She had kept rolling her eyes wondering what the outing was gonna be about this time and concluded smiling that the young man was missing her already and wanted them to spend some more time together.

It had been five years of the relationship and been eventful with lots of hangouts and hookups and this time; the son of the current Oba  of Akure had taken Bunmi (another Blue Blood) to one of their favourite hang out spots. They in fact had over the years selected a favourite space to sit at the spot…. but this time, Kole  wouldn’t allow them sit there. They have to switch to somewhere else he had said….

The prince kept doing  a lot of funny acts and the princess kept playing along trying to wonder if he was gonna tell her what was bothering him…. (hoping and praying  it wasn’t the boo got a boo story) lol

He drew out something  she had thought looked like a ring, but ended up being a cute Samsung phone… (ohhh…eyelashes) amused but excitedly, she was doing a quick one unwrapping the phone when Bunmi  looked up and her prince charming was on his kneels with a ring stretched out (action)

She looked into his eyes… “baby’ I’m shy” was what she could helplessly say. She was too lost in the moment,  she had severally thought of spending the rest of her life with him and this seemed like the moment she had been waiting for… she was  so lost in his love and couldn’t  even pick his exact  words before screaming “YES MY LOVE”

Come January 23rd, we’ll be experiencing the  #WeddingOfTheRoyals as Princess Olubunmi Adesida sets to wed Prince Kole Aladetoyinbo.