Grandfather of comedy on Nigeria, Alibaba, is a fulfilled entertainer judging by his achievements in the industry over the years. He has seen it all as far as the comedy business is concerned and also raised a lot of the big guys in the game
The veteran comedian who last week celebrated his golden jubilee amid lovely wishes, encomiums, mouth-watering gifts and all. One then begin to wonder if the era of the leading comedian in Nigeria for several years is over.
Alibaba Unmoved By The Emergence Of Young Comedians

But, Alibaba revealed in a recent interview with The Punch that he doesn’t feel threatened by the young and coming comedian and maintained that he even helps younger comedians with comedy materials they perform at shows. When asked whether he feels threatened by them.

“Why should I be threatened by them? How would I be giving them jokes? If I were, I won’t give them my jokes, and I would tell them not to use my jokes. I make jokes and give to some of them. So, there is nothing like being threatened by them.

The bottom line is that the day you begin to feel threatened by some other up-and-coming comedians, then you are on your way out. You’re supposed to be somebody they look up to, not somebody they compete with.”  He said.
Those are strong words from the boss.