25 year old South Sudanese activist and model Nykhor Paul has taken to social media to rant about unprepared make-up artists at top fashion shows who fail to accommodate the needs of those with darker skin tones. 
In an enraged Instagram post, she blasted the fashion industry for considering the needs of ‘white girls’ but ignoring others, forcing her to carry around her own products. It is not the first time the 5ft 11in African beauty has spoken out about the inequality she has faced, having previously said that we ‘need more models of color in the fashion world’

In her rant, Nykhor listed an array of brands which cater for darker skin tones, including Mac, Bobbi Brown and Lancome. She added that professional make up artists come prepared and do their ‘research’ before attending a show.
She said the problem occurs at each of the world’s major fashion weeks:New York, London, Milan, Paris and Cape Town. 
She also stated that she’s ‘tired of complaining’ and ‘super tired’ of apologising for her blackness. She said ‘fashion is art, art is never racist, why can’t we be part of fashion fully and equally?’.