The new President of Chocolate City M.I has had to answer the questions of a passionate fan who sees the record label as a sleeping giant instead of a monster record label.

A Choc Boi die-hard Mustapha Onuche who goes by the name iamking_el on Instagram commented on one of M.I’s pictures. Onuche observed that M.I hasn’t bothered a new material or a new mixtape like he normally does after dropping an album. He said M.I and Ice Prince are now too busy with social media activities to fully focus on music.

Mustapha Onuche pointed out that he didn’t feel Jesse Jagz’s contribution on the Choc Boi album, and said new acts Milli, Koker, and Dice Ailes have to buckle up to be bonafide stars despite their impressive talent.

M.I Abaga succeeds Audu Maikori as the CEO of Chocolate City M.I and Audu Maikori (Press)

“Since you dropped an album followed by the round cake cover all you’ve really done is take nice pictures in cooperate wears.. I don’t understand why you aren’t taking your art overseas like [Ice Prince] @iceprincezamani..

Are you the new audu[Audu Maikori]??..Is that how you’re going to put the fans aside and chase hierarchy???. The MI I love always had illegal music after the album and Boss we need singles from you..! We know the people that have taken over the industry now and its sad cuz when you dropped that album..those people were silenced. But then you went silent again and I don’t even know what’s up with y’all. @iceprincezamani keeps taking pictures all around the world (I just listened to his “yawa go dey” track)..Jesse jagz hasn’t dropped anything since coming back” he wrote passionately in the lengthy comment.

Ice Prince spent almost all his studio session singing on the album, Jesse jagz was hot ,you the boss as usual, and@savemilli ?? Yeah oh well he met expectations in his conventional Drake ish wwy. Koker has the Brymo effect but isn’t quite there.. He’ll improve maybe. @savemilli is exceptional but he should also be constantly reminded this is NAIJA..same thing with dice . but truth be said the last BIG thing that came from CBN came some 7 months ago (chairman album)” he further wrote.

After sharing Mustapha Onuche’s comments M.I responded to the criticisms. Jude Abaga admitted that his catalogue is not prolific, but reveals he has four unreleased body of works. He also said his concert earlier scheduled for May was shifted because of the general elections. He assured the fan that Chocolate City has a lot going, but also said it will take a while for the imprint to operate at the full capacity of its talents.
Lastly he invited Onuche to the Chocolate City office to hear some unreleased material.

You are right my personal music output hasn’t been great. Music has had a tough year dealing with the elections eg when the election was moved, I had to move my concert because of advertising space. The politicians buy everything. Let me assure you that I remain the MI you feel in love with and that I will crush everything. . I have four projects recorded and more music than you know is coming your way. As for the Label CC just know that nothing is built in a day. No label that is dominant now got there overnight and we can’t either. But I am offering you a personal invite to the CC office to come listen and see what we are building. Trust me I will not let you down. Last.. Thank you for caring!! That is all we want you to do.. MI Abaga #CBN #choclife” wrote M.I.