Politically active Nigerian musician Ade Bantu records a beautiful song with 11 prominent African musicians, denouncing all sorts of extremism and violence and claiming the right to live in peace for all Africans.

Ade Bantu against Boko Haram

Politically active Nigerian hip hop artist Ade Bantu denounces violent ideology of Boko Haram and othre extremist groups in Africa.

How many more must die, how many more displaced… how many of our daughters turn to suicide bombers, before we realise we must wake from our slumber” – politically active Nigerian musician Ade Bantu has delivered a strong message against Boko Haram ideology and all forms of extremism, uniting his efforts with prominent musicians from all over Africa.
Adu Bantu collaborated with Alif Naaba, Sissoko, and Smockey from Burkina Faso, Didier Awadi from Senegal, Josey Priscille, Soum Bill and Maréchal Zongo from Côte d’Ivoire,Master Soum from Mali, Monza from Mauritania, Phéno Bi from Niger and Zeynab Abib from Benin.

A coalition of 12 African artists is known as Art Watch Africa aka Ambassadors of Freedom of Expression. This solidarity song is aimed against violent ideology of Boko Haram and armed religious extremists in Sub Saharan West Africa as well as the rest of the world. This pan-african collaboration recorded a song called “right to live” or “droit de vivre” for francophone African fellows. “We have the right to live and to be free, let us talk” goes the message of this song. The song is available for download here.

Recently 15 young activists, including rapper Luaty Beirao, have been arrested recently during their regular book club in Angola. Ministry statement said: “Thirteen Angolan citizens were caught red-handed as they prepared to carry out acts aimed at disrupting public order and security in the country.