An orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated se_xual excitement during the se_xual response cycle.
That pleasurable discharge causes rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region – the ultimate reason why people have se_x.
Unfortunately, not everyone experience orgasms.
Even more sadly, women are often cheated out of it in sexual encounters because men readily orgasm while women take about 10 to 20 minutes, on average, to climax.
With most men always trying to put the pen!s inside, pump awhile, orgasm and get off, many women never get to the point where they orgasm and experience that sweet feeling.

But because they are women, concerned about men’s feelings, they often pretend to enjoy the se_x and even put on a display of ‘multiple orgasms’ that most men take for sexual prowess.
Anyway, below are 4 main reasons women give for faking it:
  1. 78% say to “avoid negative consequences” like upsetting their partner!
  2. 61% say to end faster and get out of the tortuous experience!
  3. 47% say to get a “positive consequence” like pleasing their partner!
  4. 25% say because their partner was unskilled and they just had to fake it to fill in!
Hmm, this is really not cool at all!
It is bad enough to have to not experience an orgasm and endure se_x and to also have to fake pleasure must be painful.
So guys, please ensure you only stop when she is satisfied.
Upgrade your foreplay skills too.