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Let’s face it – braids can be hard work. When you first get them done you feel and look good, but once you loose a few strands and your hair starts to pop out of the attachments, it’s all downhill from there.
But what if there was a way you could give your 1-month-old braids a reboot? Take those tired looking & rough strands and give them a revamp that’ll last another 2-3 weeks?
Today, we will be sharing those tips with you. So you don’t have to drag your friends home to help cut off and loosen the braids, or sit for hours to get them out.
Here are 4 ways you can revamp your braids.
1. Give it a Hot Bath & Gel Treatment
One thing you should know about attachments usually used for braids is that it melts when it comes in contact with heat. So, you see those strands that have come loose? You can get them to lay back down with some hot water, gel and scissors.
All you have to do is take your scissors and trim some of those loose stray hairs on the strands off. After you’re done, place the strands in a bowl of hot water (preferably with the assistance of a friend) and leave them in for a few minutes. After you’re done with the hot water bath, let it dry a little, rub some styling gel on your hands and fingers and run that through your hair. Then let it dry completely.
The hot water steams and relaxes the strands, and the gel dries with the hair giving it more hold and therefore a neater look.

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2. Re-do the edges
If you’re like me and have a small brush at the front of your braids, this is a great alternative for you.
If you have some left-over attachment from the original pack of attachment, you can use this to replace the old ones you have on now. Just head to the salon, take out the braids around your edges and have them weaved again.
However, make sure you follow that with the point in number 1 so all the strands, both old and new, match.
3. Switch Up the Style
This is a combination of point 1 and 2. Instead of replacing some parts of your braids, you can switch up the style to something different and then give it a hot bath & gel treatment as well.
You can try cutting the braids and burning the ends for a bob; twisting 2 or 3 strands together and dipping it in hot water for curly strands; or loosening the braids half way  and securing them for a fuller and more natural look. The choice is yours.

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4. Play Around it with Edge Control
One thing I love about edge control is it offers great cheat options for our hair. If your hair starts to look a little rough in front, you can use edge control to play around with the loose hair or baby hairs for a more feminine and playful look.
Take some edge control and use a small brush to create cute styles on your forehead and around the crown of your head, while sweeping the rest of your hair back towards the braids.
If you’ve ever had problems with your baby hair staying put minutes after using some edge control, try using it at night and tying them down with a silk scarf. In the morning those babies will be well behaved.

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5. Stick to Edge-covering Styles
If all else fails, cover your edges. Hairstyles like these are great when it comes to hiding rough edges because all that roughness is tucked under the jumbo crown braid, or twist or faux bang. Just pick a style that you like and cover your edges up.

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Did we help you out or what? Don’t forget to share your tips of revamping old braids if you have some.