Cable News Network (CNN) over the weekend mocked Nigeria over President Muhammadu Buhari’s prolonged absence from the country.

A snapshot from the weekend broadcast of a CNN foreign affairs show, “The Global Public Square (GPS)”, anchored by Fareed Zakaria may, however, hint at a turn of events.

A question on the Quiz and Trivia segment of the show read, “The head of state from which country has not set foot in his homeland in over two months?”

The options were given as Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Nigeria and Syria.

Nigeria’s President Buhari has been out of the country for nearly 3 months seeking medical treatment in the United Kingdom and was not seen in public for many weeks until recently when he hosted some state governors and party chieftains.

Many Nigerians see the humour in the CNN question for what it is but many others see it as an insult but one for which they can only blame President Buhari who some say should have resigned in the best interest of the country.

here’s the photo: