A former assistant secretary of state, Johnnie Carson, says that the discussion between Nigeria and United States should not be restricted to insecurity alone because Nigeria as he said is “the most important country in Africa and must be treated as such”.Read the full news below;

The former assistant secretary said in an interview with Reuters that Washington should not let security issues overshadow the need for closer trade and investment ties. In his words: “Nigeria is the most important country in Africa, now more than ever the relationship with Nigeria should not rest essentially on a security and military-to-military relationship” Similarly, US Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken told Reuters that: “President Barack Obama has long seen Nigeria as arguably the most important strategic country in sub-Saharan Africa.” Over the years the ties between the US and Nigeria have strained because Nigerian government refused to investigate corruption allegations in the country. 
Blinken said 

“The question is would there be an opportunity to deepen our engagement and that opportunity is now” when speaking on Buhari’s three-day visit to Washington. Hopefully, this Buhari’s visit would yield a lot of fruit! Also, I’m very happy that even the Oyibo people know that Naija is a force to be reckoned with. If only we can just get past all of this little little things holding us back. God will help us my people.