I kid you not, kissing is a lot of fun, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about kissing. Read this 8 very gross things that can easily be transmitted through kissing.

1 Sore Throat

Spread through saliva, kissing someone with a sore throat could infect you and inflict you with the same medical issue.

2 Cold Sores

If you kiss someone with a cold like sore which is popular known as herpes, you may be infected with the virus… and for your information, it has no cure. To learn more about oral herpes go here… and to see more images click…

3 Common Cold

The common cold is easily transmitted through saliva, so be careful.

4 Hepatitis B

Even though spread mostly by blood, if you have cuts in your mouths, you can transmit it.

5 Oral Warts

Oral warts can be spread through any cut in your mouth, even fine cuts in your gums from vigorous brushing with your toothbrush.

6 Hand, Mouth, And Foot Disease

Spread mostly through feces, it happens when your hands have fecal bacteria on them and it is spread to an open sore in your mouth. Guys like to put their hands on your lips during kissing. Watch out.

7 Tooth Decay

The bacteria that causes tooth decay can be deposited in your mouth from your kissing partner’s saliva.

8 Gum Disease

Bleeding gums and kissing can spread gum disease.

So my dear readers, before you go about kissing anyhow, remember that kissing is as bad as unprotected sex. ABSTINENCE IS THE BEST! But, if you can’t hold your kissing mouth, WRAP IT UP!