The Nigerian music scene has witnessed several one-hit-wonders who drop a hit single and then fade away almost as quickly as they came, unable to sustain the momentum of their instant fame.

One of such artiste is Babalola Gabriel Olugbenga popularly known as Bigiano, who won the heart of many music lovers with his hit single ‘Shayo’ the song was big back in the days but instead of a follow up on it, the singer went on hiatus.


He returned to the music scene after so many years away and gave reasons for the long break in a chat with The NET.
“I decided to take a little break to re-brand myself. When the fame of ‘Shayo’ came, I couldn’t handle it. I deliberately made the decision to go off the scene in 2011 to re-position my brand.
“While I was away,  I was studying the industry, studying the market and everything going on in the industry. I was recording and writing songs too. I have loads of songs I have recorded . At the same time, I was traveling gathering experience and all that.”

The singer staged his comeback with two new singles, ‘Tonight’ and ’I Be Somebody.’