The victim, whose name is withheld, and had just arrived the country from England, had accompanied her grandmother, who had a civil case in court and needed a lawyer.
While the grandmother was trying to get things done, the lawyer allegedly lured the unsuspecting little girl to an alley within the court premises and fondled her private part.
The little girl’s cry was what attracted her grandmother, who asked her what the matter was and she started pointing to the lawyer, saying that he fondled her breast and also touched her private part.
Eyewitnesses say the lawyer was seen walking around the court premises with the little girl and when asked who the girl was to him, he said she was his daughter.
He was also alleged to have carried the girl on his laps and gave his mobile phone to her to play with, while he was busy touching her breast and fingering her.
The eyewitnesses said it was when the girl started crying and went to report to her grandmother, who started slapping the lawyer that they got to know what happened.
The noise, which disrupted the court proceedings, brought the matter to Chief Magistrate K. B. Ayeye’s attention.
The little girl was said to have told the Chief Magistrate what the lawyer did to her.
The magistrate ordered that the lawyer be taken to Lion Building Police Station, Lagos Island, and when Vanguard visited the station, a police source said that Assistant Commissioner of Police had taken over the matter and also confirmed the presence of the lawyer at the command