Interestingly, many people are unwittingly killing their relationships by living with the false idea that $ex is not very important – based on religious or cultural postulations that have been abandoned in antiquity.
This does not mean other aspects of the relationship – emotional, physical and spiritual are not important.
It only simply means that you have to ensure that you keep your partner $exually satisfied.
Here are the remaining 5 tips to help you do just that:
  1. Be patient and make her want penetration. This is also part of seduction. When you are sure you both want $ex, you don’t jump in the sack and put the banana in the honeypot. Touch her and tease her until she wants you inside her with all of her willpower. Simply things like whispering naughty words into her ear, lightly licking her nipples, planting soft kisses on her inner thighs or breathing on her vagina turn her on much more. When she can’t wait no more, give it to her.
  2. Maintain eye contact. Always try to make love to her with your eyes as much as you can. It shows that you are confident and now ashamed of what you are doing. Look into her eyes as you work up a hot orgasm – it is a rewarding experience you both will love. So let eye contact be a permanent feature of your $exual encounters.
  3. Let her take control every now and then. It should not be about you always. Once in a while, let her be the magician doing the trick while you sit back and enjoy. Give her control of the positions, pace and every other thing. Motivate her with words and set her up to give you a performance with all her heart. She would be thrilled to see your body respond to her touches.
  4. Know your moves and accept hers. Don’t be a novice in bed. Yes, you should learn moves and be able to execute them. If you are stumped, be confident to ask her what she likes and allow her to show you. Ego has no place in $ex. No matter how skilled you are, you must realise that nobody was born with all the $ex skills and ideas and secrets of orgasm making. So learn and execute.
  5. Don’t abandon her after intercourse. You should not be the guy that walks away as soon as he achieves orgasm. In fact, you should hold her more closely when you’ve just had $ex because then she wants to be held and loved. If you must sleep, sleep with her in your arms.