There is a certain mystique that s3x with clothes on offers that s3x without clothes on never does. S3x without clothes on is unofficially the perfect definition for boring s3x in this jet age.

S3x without clothes on somehow distills focus and put pressure on both couples. For instance, when clothes are off, it is difficult to avoid processing the details of our physical bodies.

There is too much fat. Her boobs are too big. His penis is too small. He has got too much hair on his chest and so on and so fort. These things as little as they are, they push focus away from the love making.

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Making love with your clothes on means you must focus on your loving connection, the ‘energy’ you and your partner exchange, your vocalizations, the ways you see into your partner and let your partner see into you, the ways your bodies move together, how you touch your partner – particularly their face and hands, and any sweet words you choose to whisper.

One other reason why making love with your clothes on works so well is that it removes the pressure to perform.

Clothes-on love-making gives men an opportunity to not have to worry about how long they are lasting, or how erect they are. It gives women a chance to enjoy the experience without the pressure of orgasm.

‘Staying partially clad builds anticipation and makes s3x feel spontaneous,’ says Georgia clinical s3xologist Gloria G. Brame, PhD.

So next time, before you waste energy and kill immediacy which builds passion by undressing yourself, do this rather: just push your underwear aside and enjoy s3x. The immediacy of it is sweet and unforgettable.