Meet a man who lost his arms in an accident as a child but didn’t stop caring for his sick mother and their farm in Tongxin Village of Fengdu County, China.
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Chen Xingyin, 48, was electrocuted when he was just seven years old. Since then the boy has learnt how to cook, do household chores, look after livestock and cultivate two hectares of farmland using only his feet.
And even when his ageing mother, who is now 91 years, became paralysed and confined to bed Chen refused to give up.


Now he is the only one who runs his smallholding of farmland and raises a flock of 24 sheep, two buffalos and four hens.
Surprisingly, the disabled man does not complain complain of his destiny, trying to do as many things himself as possible.
Sometimes he even finds the strength and time to help his neighbours.


Xingyin, who feeds his mother with his mouth and his nimble toes, said, “I can’t leave my mother at home alone, especially not in her old age. I may not have hands, but I have a pair of good feet.”
 After a series of photographs depicting Chen spoon-feeding his mother emerged, he has become an example to follow and a hero of Chinese and international media.