Your choice of clothing and cosmetics can highlight your sense of style, compliment your best features, and keep you looking fresh and full of life.
We’re all on the quest to look and feel our most youthful and fresh and in the beauty world, there are many creams, facials, and procedures to aid us on this mission. But something as simple as the way you apply your makeup can also have a great effect on how young or old you look, and sometimes, it’s a very significant effect.
Here are five beauty mistakes that can make you look old:
1. Too much foundation
When you put on a thick layer of foundation that it becomes noticeable to anyone who looks at your face, it is a huge makeup mishap and totally takes away from your appearance.Instead, try to be minimal with your application and choose a perfect skin match.
2. Heavy concealer beneath the eyes
Having dark circles under the eyes is quiet parallel to beauty and application of concealer is to make them look better. As you become older, the skin under the eye becomes thinner and this is why you need to apply your concealer lightly. Otherwise, the thick cover-up will look awkward.
3. Poor hairstyle choice
Choose the hairstyle that fits the shape of your face. Hairstyles can boost your beauty according to your age, if otherwise it could make you look older than your age.
4. Too much stress
According to the saying, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Hard work is necessary to climb the success ladder but too much stress on a daily basis can add up to your years quickly.
5. Lack of beauty sleep
A good night sleep for at least 6 hours every night is necessary for a youthful look. Eye bags are visibly reduced with sound sleep pattern.
Do it right today and keep your youthfulness alive.