My name is Evia Simon and I am from Akoko-Edo Local Government Area in Edo State. I have two sisters and two brothers. I was not born with a silver spoon and I did not get all I wanted while I was growing up. I had many challenges while growing up; it was not a smooth ride, but it made me wiser and I learnt how to deal with life when I am faced with problems. I studied Mass Communication at Kogi State Polytechnic.
I started acting in 2009 after I attended an audition. I joined Nollywood in 2010. I trained at Pace Movie and Music Academy, Abuja for six months. I joined Actors Guild of Nigeria, Abuja Chapter, in 2010 and kicked off my acting career.

I had challenges of facing the camera because I am a shy person. But I kept at it and got accustomed to it. Also, I had senior colleagues who humiliated me and tried to make me feel inferior and unwanted. I had to face the challenges squarely and the lessons I learnt while growing up helped me to overcome them. I almost fought with an actress on set because she insulted me. There were times I got discouraged, but I had to brace up and put the challenges behind me.
When you think you are beautiful or talented, you will always see people who are better than you. The way out is to put yourself in a position where you will not be threatened by competition and make sure you put in your best. The moment you feel threatened, it means you do not put in your best into your work. I am not threatened by any actress and my best speaks for itself.
Growing up was not easy, so I know what it means to have nothing. I have deep empathy for other people’s situation and that inspired me to start up a charity cause. It is nameless at the moment because I am still trying to develop the initiative. Currently, I visit orphanages and help people who are in need. I hope to make it a big project very soon.
Male fans
It is not easy relating with my male fans. Sometimes, I push them aside because they can be annoying. I always get requests from them on social media and when I do not respond, they get angry. At other times, I only read the messages so as to reduce the traffic on my social media page. They do not understand that I am usually busy. When you are an actress, with a body structure like mine, everybody will want to be your friend.
Body structure
I have been embarrassed several times because of my curvy physique, especially when I wear clothes that are sexy and hug my body. Sometimes people make loud remarks in bewilderment. The most annoying is that some of these remarks come from younger people, both male and female. It makes me wonder if they are not disciplined. I consider my curves to be a gift from God and I value what I have. I know God has a purpose for creating me this way. I would still love myself even if I was slim.
Beauty routine
I do not have any beauty regimen. I use the normal creams other people use and I only visit the spa occasionally. Sometimes, I exercise to keep fit.
I am happy that Nollywood actresses are getting married, and I would like to get married also. However, I do not have to get married because other people are getting married. People say there is no perfect man. Even if I have to meet Mr. Wrong and turn him to Mr. Right, I will do it as long as I have his support and he understands my career. People believe actresses are not faithful but that is not always true.
Movie roles
I am daring, but not desperate. An actor must not accept every role that comes his way. Some roles can tarnish an actor’s reputation. Acting nude in a movie does not make one famous or a superstar. There is no limit to the kind of roles desperate actors can play in a movie.
I work a lot and I keep myself happy, but I like to travel when I am not working. I get bored when I do not have anything to do. Also, I like to cook, especially when I have people at home.
I dress the way I do sometimes because I am in the entertainment industry, but I like to wear jeans. However, if I have an event to attend, I have a designer that makes the clothes I wear.