Many of us like breasts – touching and sucking them – and can do anything to get a glimpse of the fresh ones.
But how much do you actually know about those beautiful twins that many women are now spending serious $$$ to own?
The average man just thinks of the breast as the soft roundish pair of flesh that women have on their chests, suckable and squeezable while most women see it as one of those things that physically separates them for men, which to love to have touched…for their babies to suck.
But there is more…
  1. Nipple-orgasm – Women can have an orgasm from only nipple stimulation which has been called nipplegasm. If you stimulate a woman’s breasts the right way, stroking them, gently fondling them or even licking them, she can get an orgasms. This is another excuse for us men to do some touching when we want to have $ex.
  2. Chameleon breasts – the areolas (circular, pigmented area around the nipple) of breasts usually have the same colour as skin of the owner. Though there are a few exceptions, the darker a person is, the darker the areola is likely to be. It is just like a chameleon that takes the colour of its environment. Nice.
  3. Not only female breasts produce milk – both male and female breasts have the capacity to produce boobs. While the women will naturally produce milk for her baby, a man’s nipples can give out milk if they are sucked too frequently – all breasts contain milk glands and sensitive tissues.