Sultry Nollywood actress and film maker, Rukky Sanda who recently blasted one of her fans via the social media over her “revealing red outfit”.

The Ikorodu born Nollywood actress, Rukayat Adesanya began her acting in 2004 while still a student at the Lagos State University (LASU) and continued after her graduation in 2007.
However, Rukky’s close friends have revealed that she screen diva was not born light-skinned alleging that, she has undergone so many skin therapies in order to achieve her present skin color.

According to Punch, Rukky Sanda debunks ever bleaching her skin, fashion and he use of body enhancements.
Speaking on the usage of bleaching creams, Rukky Sanda disclosed that she is naturally light-skinned and visits the spa once she has the time to.

She said “I am naturally light-skinned so my beauty regimen involves maintaining my skin tone and complexion. I am confident in my own skin and body. I definitely do not need any artificial enhancement of any sort to keep up with any societal expectations. My beauty and skin routine is pretty straightforward; I use a lot of scrub and visit the spa whenever I find the time to”.

When asked about her fashion sense, she added that she is very fashionable and dresses according to her mood or the occasion.

She disclosed that “I am very fashionable and trendy. However my dressing and choice of outfit are largely influenced by my mood or the occasion. Anyone who is quite close to me will not find it difficult to tell that my favorite color is white because it stands one out from the pack. I also love tattoos and body piercings even though I have taken out some of my piercings over the years. My guilty pleasures are beautiful handbags and sunglasses as I cannot do without both fashion items. I also have them in various designs and colours”.

Aside her love for tattoos, Rukky Sanda also fancy piercing her body but disclosed that, despite her crazy lifestyle she has never undergone any form of plastic surgeries.

She said “I’ve never undergone plastic surgery of any kind and I have nothing against it or persons who have given it a shot. I have several fitness regimens and I also contour my body. That way, my body has a svelte outline that many mistake for body enhancement”.
Despite the ongoing competition in the Nigerian movie industry, Rukky Sanda has clearly earned her spot among the army of Nigerian celebrities who have performed remarkably well in their chosen field.