Have you ever wondered why amidst the stress and tension in school or at work, some people still look stylish?
Staying stylish and on fleek always isn’t rocket science, but can feel like one if you hardly have time for anything.
You don’t need to have thousands to maids like Kate Middleton to be on fleek.
So here is a solution to this impending problem
1. Always plan ahead
Picking out outfits before hand is always a good idea. So lay out your outfit/accessories the night before, or better yet on a Sunday before the week begins, plan your outfit for the entire week.
You will be very surprised at how much less time you spend thinking of what to wear and THEN looking for it! Also takes away the mental stress of racking your brain so early in the day
2. De-congest your wardrobe
Take time to look through your wardrobe and be honest with yourself, take out the items you know you might never wear, and clothes that don’t flatter you.
Properly fold and hang your items, so that your clothes can be easily assessed.
3. Go for trends that are stylish
Not all comfortable clothes are unflattering, there are a few trends that are comfortable and stylish. You can go for Shift dresses, wide leg pants, culottes, boyfriend jeans and wedges.
Tailor your shopping habbit to getting comfy stylish clothes
4. Get some style-spiration
Rome wasn’t built in a day  and no one is the epitome of vast knowledge, so get some style-spiration from magazines, Instagram and most especially, fashion bloggers!
They are relatable and they just have their own unique ways of styling their wardrobes.
5. Take your laundry seriously
The worse thing that can ever happen to a stylish person is is putting together an outfit in her head and then hopping out the shower to realize its not clean!
So make sure to do laundry and wash your clothes as often as you can.
6. Always have a pair of flats as back up
Don’t let heels stop your greatness especially when you have to commute from point A to B.
Pull on a pair of flats and pull them back on when you get to your destination.