– A pregnant woman has been shot and killed during a police raid after being used as a human shield

– Police conducted a raid at a known drug den and the woman was caught in the crossfire

– Police arrested the boyfriend and his father, who both have a series of run-ins with the law

A four-month-pregnant woman has been shot and killed in Florida, US after her boyfriend used her as a human shield during a shootout with the police.

21-year-old Alteria Woods was caught up in a police raid at a known drug den on March 19. According to reports, police conducted the raid to execute a search warrant in the early hours of the morning.

However, the ambush turned tragic when Alteria’s boyfriend, 23-year-old Andrew Coffee IV, opened fire against the police. When the police returned fire, he reportedly used Alteria as a human shield.

Coffee IV’s father, Andrew Coffee III, was also involved in the shootout and both were arrested. The father/son pair have a series of run-ins with the law, with Coffee III having been arrested more than 57 times and Coffee IV 36 times.

Furthermore, Coffee IV’s grandfather and Coffee III’s father, Andrew Coffee II, is currently serving time in jail for shooting at a police officer. The father/son pair was later arraigned in court.

Family reports indicate that Alteria was a medical student before her life was tragically cut short. She also loved to laugh and was full of life.

Her aunt, Arlene Cooper, said the family was in shock as Alteria was also four months pregnant. She added: “I’ve never heard of this before. We don’t know what to do, no closure.”

Here is a video report of the tragic incident.