Maendeleo ya Wanaume, chairperson Nderitu Njoka on Tuesday, March 14 released a damning report showing how Kenyan men have been ‘sat on’ by their wives after they bewitched them.

New research details how Kenyan men have been BEWITCHED by their wives
The report titled ‘State of the Nation Study on Violence against Men and Boys’ reveals shocking details of the number of men suffering after undergoing what is commonly known as ‘kukaliwa chapati’ (being completely henpecked ) through black magic.

Nderitu known for his dramatic utterances in the name of defending men claims to have gathered views from 2,000 respondents across 10 counties after which he came up with the following findings:

1. 90% of boda boda riders are victims of sexual advances and harassment from female passengers who support themselves by encircling the waist of riders sometimes leading to avoidable accidents.

New research details how Kenyan men have been BEWITCHED by their wives
2. That 9 out of 10 men victims of witchcraft have no say in their homes and are regularly abused physically and denied conjugal rights.

3. Three out of 10 men witchcraft victims are severely affected health wise where many are docile due to effects.

4. The study showed that some women preferred their husbands being drank so that they can manipulate them as they proved easier to give out money when drank than sober.

5. That 9 out of 10 wealthy men have less than 3 children.

6. Vasectomy should be banned since it is equal to terrorism and can wipe out mankind if allowed since one cannot sire a child for life even after a case of natural disaster, separation or murder. It should only be allowed on medical grounds.

New research details how Kenyan men have been BEWITCHED by their wives
7. Study showed that 20% of vehicle road accidents are due to indecency by women seated next to the driver and revealing advertisements of women in billboards which cause distraction leading to avoidable accidents.

8. 70% of boys had low self-esteem and feared girls and would not wish to marry because of the way girls are accorded more care, over protection by the parents and tutors including punishments threats if seen talking to girls in schools.

9. That 8 out of 10 boys were not confident to talk to a girl due to inferiority complex.