Jaden Smith has turned a lot of heads with his cross dressing tendencies but has now taken time out to explain his love for skirts.

Jaden Smith for Vogue Korea
The 17-year-old actor and rapper has been spotted on several occasions rocking skirts, causing his sexuality to be questioned but Jaden obviously sees things from a different light.
Speaking during a recent interview with Nylon magazine, Jaden disclosed his plans of changing peoples thoughts about clothes and life in general.
He said:
“I want to inspire and change the way people think about clothing and about life.
“You just have to believe in yourself, you know. The world is going to keep bashing me for whatever I do, and I’m going to keep not caring. I’m going to keep doing the same things, I’m going to keep doing more things.
“So, you know, in five years when a kid goes to school wearing a skirt, he won’t get beat up and kids won’t get mad at him. I’m taking the brunt of it so that later on, my kids and the next generations of kids will all think that certain things are normal that weren’t expected before my time.”
Although Jaden’s father, Hollywood star, Will Smith has revealed his discomfort over his son’s dress code in a subtle manner, he also disclosed that himself and his wife, Jada Pinkett, allow their kids to explore.