Meet a young man who lives with his heart outside his rib cage for 18 years in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat state, India.

Arpit Gohil was born with an extremely rare congenital condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell and was not expected to survive a day. He was born with the most severe expression of the deformity in which the heart is completely displaced outside of the thoracic cavity and not protected by the chest.
Arpit Gohil was not expected to survive a life…
However, Arpit, whose heart is beating under just a thin layer of skin, defied all the odds and is now hailed a medical miracle by doctors. And although even a slight fall or bump could kill him instantly the man used to live life to the fullest.

“I don’t have any problems, and have got used to living with the condition nowI can do everything like a normal person and don’t have any trouble with my jobs on the farm, whether it be tilling the land, driving a tractor or riding a bike,” he said.

Heart outside body6
The doctors found five other defects including an abdominal disorder and a defect inside his heart
But the medics are not so optimistic about Arpit’s health, they say that he is very vulnerable and prone to infections. Besides, they discovered five other defects including an abdominal disorder and a defect inside his heart. The doctors fear the man could die at any moment.

Dr Sanjeeth Peter said: “He has learned to cope with the defect. But if he slips and falls, or he is bumped, it could do serious damage. He could develop respiratory problems or circulatory problems at any time

Heart outside body1
He could die at any second

He holds himself carefully to protect his heart but, and particularly because he works on a farm, it is not 100 per cent safe. I believe the best thing for him to do would be to go ahead with the operation. After that he would be able to lead a normal life.”