Love is in the air! A man in China has presented his lady with a very shocking and surprising gift. He presented her with a bouquet of roses made with thousands of cash.

The romantic man who is from Changchun area of China presented his girlfriend with a bouquet of roses made up of bank notes in a total of 10,000 yuan (N457, 800).

It was gathered that the man went into a flower shop with a bag of 10,000 yuan on Monday, February 13 and asked the owner of the shop to make him a bouquet of roses using the notes.

He told the owner of the shop that he wanted to give his girlfriend the right start to the year.

The romantic story which surfaced online few hours ago has been met with mixed reactions. Some social media users criticised the man for the extravagant gift while others praised him.

One user said: “I wouldn’t take it if I were his girlfriend. It’s just a way to humiliate your girlfriend and it’s not romantic at all.”

Another user wrote: “What happened if she tore the money in half?’. And one user said: ‘So what would she get next year and the year after?”

Would you accept this gift?