Some of us men can be really careless with the health of our little man down there.
Even though he matters a lot, being our weapon of se.x and orgasms, we somehow manages to ignore him and generally act nonchalant to his matters.
Man penis Eggplant
The result of this is that we soon have issues lie smelly balls…
Now, the problem with smelly balls is that it is BAD!!!
Imagine a woman trying to give you head and she gets near the P-zone only to get a poisonous whiff of air that knocks her out?

When a woman gets that experience from you once, you’re ruined for life and she may never come near you again because se.x for them is very mental as it is physical and the memory of your disgustingly smelly pen!s will not leave so easily.
If you find yourself in this spot, do these…
  1. Give your little man a haircut – hair around the pen!s is one major cause of odour. So, if you are bushy, then the best option is to trim really low or scrape it all off once and for all.
  2. Bathe your little man like he’s a pig – Many men wash their penises, but they only do it absentmindedly, unlike women who wash their vag!nas with special care. Next time you’re in the shower, consciously scrub the entire penis area, especially the folds of your scrotum which hides dirt.
  3. Dry your little man – always dry up after water touches your pen!s area. Dampness allow bacteria and harmful germs to multiply and cause odours.
  4. Get new/clean boxers – too many guys wear really dirty boxers. For many, changing a boxer regularly is just a waste of time. So they wear same boxer for days and weeks until the colour is unsightly. This leaves their pen!s area constantly in a field of dirt. So get new boxers and change every day.
  5. Bring out the props – make sure you wear only underwear that allow air to get into your pen!s area. A good candidate is any underwear made of cotton. With air circulating there, you’ll definitely smell fresher. You can also go as far as applying your deodorant in the area – lightly.
When you begin to smell nice down there, you’ll be getting more loving from your woman, certainly.

It also reduces the risk of you getting infections and other diseases common with the genitalia like boils and rashes.