The lead actress in Tv series ‘Tinsel’ called TTT a ‘Scum’ and accused him of desecrating institution of marriage for not owning up to the fact he is married with children.

Nollywood actress, Maltida Obaseki strongly showed her disapproval of Big Brother Naija housemate, ThinTallTony’s extra marital affairs with Bisola, saying he is not worthy of any votes.

Recall that TTT said he was single during a conversation with Bisola on Monday.

On her twitter page@TildaObaseki01, she wrote:

“It’s sad to see how the institution of marriage is being desecrated on top 25 million that u might not even win

Na wa o!i hope u know that 25 million cannot buy you a house, furnish it and send your children to school for life.

A man that can deny his marriage and fatherhood is the lowest of all kinds of scum and isn’t worthy of any kind of praise or votes.

I hope you realize that all is fair in love and war…so if your wife too puts family aside to make some ‘cheddar’ don’t cry foul.

I’m not sure the wife is smiling and if she is then she is a fool and they deserve each other.”