Soso Soberekon, a successful music producer and also Five Star Music manager, has advised young Nigerians not to get initiated to demonic cults or confraternities as a shortcut to success.

According to him, the mistake young people make is thinking successful people just became successful overnight.

In a post he made on Instagram, he wrote that hard work, smart work, guts, determination, taking risks and consistency, is all that anyone needs to get to the apex of whatever field they are in.



”Young men/women get it so wrong these days.

There is no short cut to making it, getting rich or ‘hammering’ if you will.

The mistake you make is thinking successful people literally become successful overnight. This simply doesn’t happen.

It takes hard work, smart work, guts, determination, taking risks and consistency to get to the apex of whatever field you’re in.

If luck is present, it’s a very tiny percent. Negligible really. Opportunities present themselves and it’s up to you to do the best with it what you will. This should never be mistaken for sheer luck.

The trend for young Nigerian men today is to get initiated and belong to one demonic cult or confraternity in the hopes that doors would be open to you and you’d achieve success instantly.

Only a lazy mind would reason this way. Work hard. Work smart. Work never killed anybody.

Selling a piece of your soul for phantom riches is the height of ridiculousness. When it’s your time to shine, it’s your time. Nothing would stop it except your laziness.

I’m a product of hard word and tenacity. I didn’t belong to any secret organization. It was simply my hard work and determination.

Young men need to eschew laziness and work to achieve success. Be innovative. Think. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas move the world. Always. The world would never stop needing ideas.

Short cuts never pay. Don’t be deceived thinking they do. Lest you end up taking the long way back because you decided to cut corners.

Be wise. Stay blessed and remember don’t get involved in shady things and shady association.

When they said patience is a virtue, they weren’t lying.”

By Naija Loaded