When South African rapper, AKA, woke up to announce his breakup with Bonang Matheba, the world thought he was crazy.

The news was announced by the rapper via his Twitter account.

 A few minutes before this shocking revelation, he tweeted, “At my f**king LIMIT for bullshit.”

However, people seem to have a difficult time believing the break up. The fact that AKA posted a video of his ‘ex’ chopping onions on his Instagram stories, barely 24 hours ago, is not helping his case.

The reactions indicate that South Africans think this is simply a publicity stunt for a new project

Apparently, he wasn’t really going to breakup with her because he immediately apologised and the duo reconciled. Because who would want to leave that goddess of curves?

Now, the rapper has released a new song titled ‘Caiphus song’ and fans think their breakup was to promote his new single.

His bae, Bonang is also promoting his new jam on her social media pages and people are beginning to smell a fish.

Recall that AKA on Friday, February 17, 2017, said  he was at his limit for bullshit with Bonang. How she easily and quickly forgave him remains a mystery.

 Meanwhile, the rapper surprised Bonang with a Gucci bag at her place of work yesterday, February 20, 2017, trying to prove all is well.

My heart can’t actually take it…!! Thank you baby…. Love! Love! Obsessed!! Dying… Surprises at work even?!I’m so spoilt… Thank you,” the South African media personality wrote alongside a picture of the bag.

By Pulse