Afro pop singer, Imelda Ada Okwori, popularly known as Imelda J, has revealed Dbanj as her celebrity crush and expressed disappointments at producers and music sponsors who go after her for sex.
In a recent chat with Nigeriafilms.com, the sonorous singer who had before now been linked with romance rumours with former Governor of Benue State, Governor Gabriel Suswan, also said producers demand for sex from her but she turns them down.
According to her, “Several times, I have found myself in such circumstances where they demand for sex. I always turn it off. I have been to a point of signing an agreement on a record deal and the sponsor showed up and said I must have something to do with him and when I said no, he said I was difficult to work with and walked out of the meeting. They want your talent and they also want your body. This has been the major challenge.
“But this is business; you cannot mix pleasure with business,” Imelda added.
When it comes to Nigerian male artistes, she said she admires Dbanj.
“I love Dbanj a lot. He is my celebrity crush,” she said.
When asked if he knew about her crushing on him, she said, “Yes, we met at last. We eventually got to meet dramatically in Abuja.
“The funniest thing was that when we met, he just said I am Miss Endowed indeed. He was lively and I was so happy and the expectation I had about him before now increased.
“The qualities that attracted him to me were his business sense and his music and I wasn’t disappointed at all.
“When we met, we just hit it off and started talking about business immediately. When it comes to business, Dbanj does not play and I think that is what made me to love him more.”
Speaking further, the singer said she hopes for something with the Kokomaster in the future.
She said, “Of course definitely! But music wise anyway.
“Yes, I have a crush on him but I don’t think I would date him. Oh well! I don’t know, so let’s keep it that way, anything can happen.”