She may or may not be your least favourite housemate but she like any other is set on getting first place. So lets put together all these melodramatic antics, somehow shady persona and her history together. She may not be first place in your but she is first place as queen of comedy. Trust me, we aren’t being sarcastic.

First let’s start with a look at her background. So here is the Biography Of Gifty (Big Brother Naija) Maybe it could explain her erratic behaviour.

  • Gifty (born 1994) is a Nigerian actress, model and entertainer. She hails from Anambra state.
  • She schooled in Accra, Gifty returned to Lagos to make her dreams happen.
  • Gifty has acted and been featured in a few Nollywood big screen hits. (Won’t mention which ones; she didn’t pay us for the free adverts)
  • She says her mother is her inspiration and has taught her to handle people with grace. Chei!

She is one of the most ‘friendly’ contestants in the house, the Anambra state born model and actress and her husband Soro reportedly got married in 2014. This is surprising because many feel her antics in the house are not expected from a married woman.

Gifty is reportedly married to movie director Sorochukwu Akumah but have since divorced. (pictured below)  She is rumored to have abandoned her 5-month-old marriage in her bid for fame.


Gifty and ex hubby


The flirty side of Gifty.

Twitter was abuzz on Wednesday [Week 3| Day 19] after a post surfaced on Big Brother Naija’s Housemate, Gifty over her new ‘relationship’ with fellow housemate Bally. Four days after Soma’s eviction and Gifty has moved on to Bally, describing the Big Brother House as a ‘dormitory not a home.’ (whatever that means) She revealed this during her diary session with Biggie.


Gifty and Bally


However, the housemate had kicked off what can be termed as an inhouse relationship with fellow housemate  Bally just shortly after Soma, was evicted from the show over the weekend on Sunday, February 5, 2017.


The infamous cozy moment Gifty had with Soma


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Gifty is your favourite or not-so-favourite Big Brother Naija housemate, who has entertained viewers with her comic acts.

And whats with the with the annoying unstable accent? She prolly has some esteem issues having to battle between an English accent and the local genuine Nigerian accent. This has had her fellow housemates and viewers labelling her as ‘fake.’

It just a game, right? after all, everyone will do whatever they have to do in a bid to win the N25million prize.


Banky W


So what’s wrong about the smolderingly hot Banky?

News is that Banky W, ahem, i had to take a double look at the photograph, well, he visited the Big Brother Naija house on February 15 as y’all fans know, and received a warm welcome from every housemate, including Gifty.
After her welcome hug to the singer, Gifty turned to Tboss and mouthed “who is he?” A random type of amnesia in her head perhaps?, anyway fast forward…
The housemate didn’t stop at that. During her diary session with Biggie, Gifty described Banky W as fake and proud.
According to her, he had acted like he was paid to come and ‘impress’ the housemates. “I didn’t feel his presence,” she said. Well truth is he could have been paid to make an appearance in the big brother house but still, his celberity status just oozes from head to toe, like he is anointed with it. Okay enough fan girl antics…

Gifty Vs Banky W
Lets compare; Gifty is an upcoming Nollywood actress, while Banky W is a popular Nigerian singer and actor, who recently made his lead role debut in the highest grossing Nollywood movie, “The Wedding Party.”
In response to her claim, Banky W said: “To be fair I dunno her much either.”  Yeaass!  That response was like automatic.


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Disclaimer: We were only giving a humorous peek into Gifty’s autobiography and whatever business she is doing on the screen, Big Brother Naija. We won’t be responsible if you take the puns too seriously!