Huddah Monroe has zero patience with trolls.

Yesterday, the former BBA star went off on a fan who had unkind things to say about her lifestyle and how she could be wrongly influencing her followers. “Did I give birth to any of them? I always tell people, I am responsible for my captions but I’m not responsible for what you chose to understand,” she replied the critic.

Adding. “If you take me as your role model, you love me coz I’m me, not you! So deal with it! I will never change for anyone.”

The intense exchange started yesterday in a post where she tagged Valentine’s Day a ‘fake’ celebration when couples lie to themselves, and then she encouraged her male fans who are single to storm clubs and have fun. The former Big Brother Africa star also encouraged a female fan on how timeline on how to deal with heartbreak.



You got dumped. Oh wow! Sorry babe, never let the man have the last laugh,” Huddah told the female. “Beg him back into your life, fuck the shit out him, then dump him.

Huddah Monroe’s lifestyle has always been a subject of conversation; she had snapped back at folks accusing her of prostitution, and waved off a fatwa declared on her by a Kenyan journalist and blogger. Now, she has set the records straight about the path she has chosen: she will never change for anyone.

By Olisa The Blogazine