Well, we’ve decided to bring you the ladies five things to look out for that may indicate health issues.

Don’t forget that with health issues, early detection is safest and any complications should be communicated with a health specialist immediately.
  1. Unusual Discharge: If you have unusual discharge, that may be whitish-grey, thick and look like cottage cheese, especially one that smells bad and a fever, that’s an indication that you definitely need to see your health specialist.
  2. Painful s3x: If you have pain or bleeding while having s.ex or after you’ve had s.ex and using a lubricant of any kind doesn’t ease the pain, then you most likely want to get it checked out.
  3. Dry Vag!na: Also if your vag!na feels dry and irritated and the use of a lubricant doesn’t help to ease it up, it’ll be advisable to check in with your healthcare practitioner.
  4. Vag!nal burning or pain: Experiencing vag!nal burn or pain with a frequent urge to urinate without being pregnant can most likely be an early sign of urinary tract infection and needs the immediate attention of a healthcare practitioner.
  5. Itching: Any sort of severe itching of the vulva, especially accompanied by redness and swelling is definitely worth a trip to the health specialist.